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Setsubun, also referenced as the Bean-Throwing Festival, is celebrated on the day before the beginning of spring in the old calendar in Japan. During the Festival, it is customary to throw handfuls of dry soybeans to scare away demons, while chanting “Demons out, good luck in!” This is performed to drive away evil spirits and welcome good fortune.This offering of the Nike Dunk Low features a Light Brown base paired with Khaki and Dark Brown overlays. Purple contrasting accents appear on the Swooshes, lining, tongues, and a “demon” embroidered on the lateral heel, which is an image of Tsuno Daishi, The Great Horned Master. A White midsole atop a semi-translucent outsole with a spacial artwork from the late Edo period (1840s) by Utagawa Kuniyoshi titled ?????. It displays bean-throwing child hero known as Kintar?, who will grow up to be the mighty warrior Sakata Kintoki, one of the retainers of the famous demon-fighter Minamoto Yorimitsu (Raik?).

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